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Automotive Flywheel Assembly Manufacturer, Supplier in India

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Flywheels are produced by the sand casting method and the material used for manufacturing is excellent quality iron. Once cast, the flywheel is finished by machining.
Automotive flywheel Assembly


Casting method used for flywheel is Sand Casting

CNC Machining

Flywheel gets finished by Machining & Boring


Preset Length Bar is welded into a circle configuration

Ring Fitting

The ring is then fitted to the size on the minor diameter

Dynamic Balancing

Production tolerances are adjusted as closely as possible

Quality Control

Microstructure Analysis & Hardness Testing at Lab


Broad Range of Flywheels

We can machine small to large flywheels having number of teeth from 110 to 160. With the expertise of our professionals and cutting-edge technology, we can deliver both large and small flywheels at very competitive prices and delivery times.

Our Core Pillars

We produce a great variety of high quality automotive parts for optimum performance


All components are manufactured to the strictest tolerances to meet the highest standards within the industry. Our quality procedures assure the integrity of the components we manufacture. We make sure that all our customers get automobile spare parts at highly competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Quality Control Facilities

  • Well Equipped Laboratory
  • Digital Hardness Tester
  • Microstructure Analysis
  • Measuring Inspection
  • DTV Checking

Available Range

 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Teeth
Tata 1 AF1001 Flywheel Assembly Tata Ace 120
2 AF1002 Flywheel Assembly Tata Indica 120
3 AF1003 Flywheel Assembly Tata Sumo 4DL 136
4 AF1004 Flywheel Assembly Tata 407 114
5 AF1005 Flywheel Assembly Tata 1613 Turbo 12 Hole GB40(330 Dia) 125
6 AF1006 Flywheel Assembly Tata 1109 Sensor 125
7 AF1007 Flywheel Assembly Tata Euro 4cng GB40 125
8 AF1008 Flywheel Assembly Tata GB60 Without Collar 146
9 AF1009 Flywheel Assembly Tata GB60 With Collar 146
10 AF1010 Flywheel Assembly Tata CNG Bus GB60 146
11 AF1011 Flywheel Assembly Tata Euro 4 1616 GB60 146
12 AF1012 Flywheel Assembly Tata 2515 TC GB60(352 Dia) 173
13 AF1013 Flywheel Assembly Tata 2518 TC Hyva GB60(352 Dia) 138
14 AF1014 Flywheel Assembly Tata 1613/3118 (Hole Type) GB60 138
15 AF1015 Flywheel Assembly Tata 1613/3118 GB75(380Dia) 138
16 AF1016 Flywheel Assembly Tata Nova 158
17 AF1017 Flywheel Assembly Tata 1613 TC Truck GB40(12Hole) 159
18 AF1018 Flywheel Assembly Tata 1613 TC Bus GB40(12 Hole) 127
19 AF1019 Flywheel Assembly Tata Prima GB1150(430 Dia) 149
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Teeth
AMW 1 AF2001 Flywheel Assembly AMW BS 2 138
2 AF2002 Flywheel Assembly AMW BS 3 138
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Teeth
Ashok Layland 1 AF3001 Flywheel Assembly Layland Hino 14" 4 fingure-2214 136
2 AF3002 Flywheel Assembly Layland Hino 15" Cut Type-4018/3118/Hyva 136
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Teeth
Mahindra 1 AF4001 Flywheel Assembly Mahindra Max Pick up/Bolero Turbo 110
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Teeth
Honda 1 AF5001 Flywheel Assembly Honda Civic 132
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Teeth
M.A.N 1 AF6001 Flywheel Assembly M.A.N. 430 Dia 160
2 AF6002 Flywheel Assembly M.A.N. 430 Dia (New) 160



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