Kaneri is a fully certified and audited IATF 16949 accredited company.

Kaneri Promise

Trusty Components That Ensure Safety

Kaneri employ our own product engineers, over many years they have developed our products to the industry leading standards we achieve today. Using the very latest technology our engineers have modelled and drawn all the products within the Kaneri range. Our engineers are the aftermarket leaders at re-designing and improving O.E products that we believe have in-service operational weaknesses or patents that restrict direct copying (i.e DAF111/B & SCA100)

During the development process very strict attention is given to:

Patent Search

Thorough analysis of authority & restrictions

Dimensional Integrity and Tollerances

Strictest tolerances for highest standards

Casting Finish

Desired shape with perfectly flat ideal surface

Machined Area

Organized, efficient & safe working zone

Material Specifications

Expert selection & testing ensure quality

Break Disc


Balancing techniques

For manufacturing range of engine components

OEM Trusted


Flywheel Assembly

If you need custom design, we can help!