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Braking Performance Overview


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Brake Discs are most important part in braking system. We maintain following specification while manufacture of brake disc casting to achieve better or best braking performance.

We are one of the leading Brake Disc Manufacturers, Suppliers in India. Contact us for Brake Rotor, Brake Disc Rotor, Brake Disc, Disc brake, Volan Brake System, Brake Components Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in USA, Russia, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, and Netherlands.

Brake Discs India


Casting is done using automatic casting equipment

Thermal Treatment

Thermal & Pressure treatment makes it stronger


Here it gets final shape with all its holes & slots


Through abrasion microbites are eliminated


Testing of calibres, look, weight & thickness

Quality Control

Microstructure Analysis & Hardness Testing at Lab

K TEK Brake Disc

High Performance Braking System

High quality, safety orientated disc brakes designed for four wheel drives, light commercial vehicles and SUV applications. Our direct replacement rotors are for those looking for OE level braking performance

Comprehensive range of Disk Rotors – 109 varied types ranging From 3 Kg to 9 Kg

Our Core Pillars

We produce a great variety of high quality automotive parts for optimum performance


All components are manufactured to the strictest tolerances to meet the highest standards within the industry. Our quality procedures assure the integrity of the components we manufacture. We make sure that all our customers get automobile spare parts at highly competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Quality Control Facilities

  • Well Equipped Laboratory
  • Digital Hardness Tester
  • Measuring Inspection
  • DTV Checking

Available Range

 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
Tata 1 Ket001 Brake Disc Sumo Solid
2 Ket002 Brake Disc Sumo Vent
3 Ket003 Brake Disc 207DI/DICOR Vent
4 Ket004 Brake Disc 207DI RX Vent
5 Ket005 Brake Disc SAFARI GRAND Vent
6 Ket006 Brake Disc SUMO GRAND Vent
7 Ket007 Brake Disc SAFARI OLD FLOWER TYPE Vent
8 Ket008 Brake Disc SAFARI NEW FLOWER TYPE Vent
9 Ket009 Brake Disc INDICA SOLID Vent
10 Ket010 Brake Disc INDICA VENT Vent
11 Ket011 Brake Disc INDICA VISTA/MANZA Vent
12 Ket012 Brake Disc INDIGO Vent
13 Ket013 Brake Disc VISTA TDI Vent
14 Ket014 Brake Disc WINGER Vent
15 Ket015 Brake Disc ACE Vent
16 Ket016 Brake Disc ACE SUPER/VENTURE Vent
17 Ket017 Brake Disc XENON/AARYA Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
MAHINDRA 1 Kem001 Brake Disc ARMADA Solid
2 Kem002 Brake Disc Scorpio Old Vent
3 Kem003 Brake Disc Scorpio crde Vent
4 Kem004 Brake Disc Scorpio M - Hawk With Out Sensor Vent
5 Kem005 Brake Disc Scorpio M - Hawk LH/RH with Sensor Vent
6 Kem006 Brake Disc Bolero Pick Up Vent
7 Kem007 Brake Disc Xylo LH/RH Vent
8 Kem008 Brake Disc Logan Diesel Vent
9 Kem009 Brake Disc Logan Petrol Solid
10 Kem010 Brake Disc Bolero Crde LH/RH Vent
11 Kem011 Brake Disc Maximo Vent
12 Kem012 Brake Disc Maximo Passenger Vent
13 Kem013 Brake Disc XUV 500 Vent
14 Kem014 Brake Disc XUV 500 R Solid
15 Kem015 Brake Disc Verito Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
FORCE 1 Kef001 Brake Disc Judo Trax Solid
2 Kef002 Brake Disc Tempo Traveller Solid
3 Kef003 Brake Disc Cruser Solid
4 Kef004 Brake Disc Trax/Traveller Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
ICML 1 Kei001 Brake Disc Sonalica Rhino Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
H.M 1 Keh001 Brake Disc Isuzu Solid
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
LAYLAND 1 Kel001 Brake Disc Dost Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
Maruti/Suzuki 1 Kes001 Brake Disc Ertiga Vent
2 Kes002 Brake Disc Maruti 1000 Solid
3 Kes003 Brake Disc Esteem Vent
4 Kes004 Brake Disc Maruti 800/VAN Solid
5 Kes005 Brake Disc Alto/Zen Estilo Solid
6 Kes006 Brake Disc Wagon R Vent
7 Kes007 Brake Disc Swift Vent
8 Kes008 Brake Disc A-star Vent
9 Kes009 Brake Disc Versa/EECO Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
Toyota 1 Ket1001 Brake Disc Qualis Vent
2 Ket1002 Brake Disc Corolla Front Vent
3 Ket1003 Brake Disc Altis Vent
4 Ket1004 Brake Disc Altis R Solid
5 Ket1005 Brake Disc Corolla Rear Solid
6 Ket1006 Brake Disc Innova Vent
7 Ket1007 Brake Disc Prado Vent
8 Ket1008 Brake Disc Fortuner Type 2 Vent
9 Ket1009 Brake Disc Etios Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
MITSUBISHI 1 Kem1001 Brake Disc Lancer Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
RENAULT 1 KER001 Brake Disc Duster Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
DAEWOO 1 KED001 Brake Disc Matiz Solid
2 KED002 Brake Disc Cielo Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
HONDA 1 KEH1001 Brake Disc Honda City Type I Vent
2 KEH1002 Brake Disc Honda Civic Front Vent
3 KEH1003 Brake Disc Honda City Type III /Jazz Vent
4 KEH1004 Brake Disc Honda City Type III Rear Solid
5 KEH1005 Brake Disc Honda Accord Front Vent
6 KEH1006 Brake Disc Honda Accord Rear Vent
7 KEH1007 Brake Disc Honda Type V Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
HYUNDAI 1 KEH001 Brake Disc Santro Solid
2 KEH002 Brake Disc Accent Vent
3 KEH003 Brake Disc Santro Vent
4 KEH004 Brake Disc I10 Vent
5 KEH005 Brake Disc Verna Vent
6 KEH006 Brake Disc Verna Fludic Vent
7 KEH007 Brake Disc I20 Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
FIAT 1 KEF2001 Brake Disc Palio/Sieena Vent
2 KEF2002 Brake Disc Wikender/ Linea Vent
3 KEF2003 Brake Disc UNO Diesel Solid
4 KEF2004 Brake Disc UNO Petrol Solid
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
SKODA 1 KES1001 Brake Disc Skoda Front Vent
2 KES1002 Brake Disc Laura Rear Solid
3 KES1003 Brake Disc Fabia Vent
4 KES1004 Brake Disc Skoda Rear Solid
5 KES1005 Brake Disc Laura Front Solid
6 KES1006 Brake Disc Skoda Superb Vent
7 KES1007 Brake Disc Laura Front Automatic 280 Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
VOLKSWAGEN 1 KEV001 Brake Disc Polo Vent
2 KEV002 Brake Disc Vento Solid
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
FORD 1 KEF1001 Brake Disc Ford Ikon/Figo Vent
2 KEF1002 Brake Disc Ford Fiesta Vent
3 KEF1003 Brake Disc Ford Endeavour Vent
 Make  Sr.No  Part No.  Description  Suitable for vehicle  Type
GENERAL MOTORS 1 KEG001 Brake Disc Spark Solid
2 KEG002 Brake Disc Tavera Vent
3 KEG003 Brake Disc Aveo Vent
4 KEG004 Brake Disc Optra Vent
5 KEG005 Brake Disc Opel Astra Vent
6 KEG006 Brake Disc Beat Vent
7 KEG007 Brake Disc Cruze Vent
8 KEG008 Brake Disc Optra Magnum Rear Vent
9 KEG009 Brake Disc Captiva Vent
10 KEG010 Brake Disc Enjoy Vent



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